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Herbal Medicine is the use of herbal extracts to address different health conditions. The different active ingredients present within the plant work together to produce a beneficial effect while reducing side effects that can often be observed when single active ingredients are used.

The beauty of herbal medicine is that an herbalist can mix different herbs into a unique combination of herbs creating a costum-made formula to specifically address the patient symptoms.

Not only herbal medicine has been successfully used for thousands of years but has also been widely researched with recent scientific studies supporting its effects. Please, see here how geeky herbs can be.


I am a herbalist with a naturopathic training, which means I integrate a naturopathic approach into my practice. A naturopath respects the body’s innate ability to restore itself when given the right conditions, incorporating different types of therapies to support that process. In my practice, I use not only herbal medicine but also integrate aspects of nutrition, iridology and Bach flowers. My ultimate goal is to address the underlying cause of any health issues and help my patients to re-establish optimal health.