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NATUROPATHY, a natural approach to health

As a naturopath, my approach to health and wellbeing is highly personalised and holistic. I believe there is a place of optimal health and balance for every individual at different stages of life, and that when given the right conditions the body has an innate ability to restore itself reaching that “place”. I like to think of myself as a facilitator who empowers and guides patients through their journey to find that place of health, balance and happiness.


Although the development of pharmacology has been an undoubted achievement, I think it has also distanced us from learning and using the natural resources available to us. I turned to science to better understand nature; however, learning about naturopathy and herbal medicine allowed me to go deeper and complement my understanding of health. I believe the best approach to health consists in combining the latest scientific developments with the healing power of nature, promoting the use of food, herbs and lifestyle changes, alongside conventional medicine.  

Thanks to my background, I successfully implement traditional therapies validated by scientific evidence to my naturopathic practice. Applying this knowledge to help people coming to a place of health and transformation is what I find so rewarding about my job.