I love to write, particularly about herbal medicine and when I find scientific evidence supporting what has already been known and applied successfully for thousands of years. Did you know that rosemary can improve memory, or that turmeric can reduce pain in osteoarthritis? Check out the latest research!

I regularly write articles for natural health magazines having been featured in Natural Health Magazine, Health & Fitness and Natural Lifestyle.

These are some of my published articles:


Health & Fitness, July 2018

How Gymnema can regulate blood sugar & reduce sugar cravings, The Marion Gluck Clinic blog

Tackling food-related inflammation for weight loss, The Marion Gluck Clinic blog 

Happygenetics, The Marion Gluck Clinic blog 

Natural Health Magazine, June 2017

Natural Health Magazine, May 2017

Natural Health Magazine, January 2017

Natural Health Magazine, October 2016

Natural Health Magazine, June 2016

Natural Health Magazine, February 2016

Skin Soothers, Green Parent August 2015



Suppression of TGFβ and Angiogenesis by Type VII Collagen in Cutaneous SCC

Matrix metalloproteinases and epidermal wound repair

Increased invasive behaviour in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma with loss of basement-membrane type VII collagen