“I went to see Vera tired of years of dieting which only resulted in high cholesterol, constant bloating, irregular guts and hormone imbalance. Vera was very professional, supportive and thorough since the beginning of my journey. In preparation of the first meeting she asked me to complete a food diary and share my blood test results. She discovered and reviewed my situation carefully to look at what kind of nutrients my body was getting, or maybe lacking in. Vera advised me on diet changes that were manageable and even very enjoyable. She explained me the mechanisms behind it. She gave me lifestyle change recommendations, a list of creatives easy recipes and supplements and a clear week plan to follow – including a shopping list and where I could find for cheaper the more uncommon stuff! Her knowledge of and passion for nutrition was inspirational. If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have introduced food I was almost scared of and would have ignored the incredible benefits of root powders, organic food and natural supplements. After a couple of weeks, I could report a better skin, less tiredness and an evident reduction in hair loss. I have been for a couple of follow ups since to review and adjust my diet where needed. What I think makes her stand out is her ability to listen and to make you feel at ease even when sharing personal matters. Whenever I have questions, I know I can reach out to her for a considered and honest response…and an extra boost of positive thoughts. 3 months in, my blood tests are now picturing a completely different story: I managed to substantially lower my cholesterol, balanced my hormones and increased my energy level. I found gut regularity and bloating is just a bad memory now! I am very grateful to Vera and I warmly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a highly qualified nutritionist and ready to discover a new way of nurturing and healing his/her body.”

Elisa, London, 2019

“Vera is a very compassionate and supportive professional with an outstanding knowledge on natural medicine. Vera gave me many lifestyle change recommendations and invaluable support with herbs and natural supplements. I am especially grateful to Vera for helping my mother who was suffering from a tremendous amount of pain caused by arthritis in her knees and hands. Vera prepared a custom-made herbal mixture of anti-inflammatory oils for my mother, and she was amazed by the effect it had on reducing the pain and improving her condition. She has been using “The Oil” (as she started to call it) for over 9 months now and she will be ordering a new batch really soon. Both, my mother and I, cannot thank Vera enough.”

Lila, London, 2019


''I met Vera at the point when I had been going through a tough period, still recovering from the negative impact of a breast surgery, suffering from anxiety, disrupted sleep patterns, pathologic cravings for sugar and all of these, affecting seriously my professional and personal life. At this point of my life, when I was overwhelmed with fear, confusion and feeling of hopelessness Vera was beside me, bringing so many positive changes in my life. 

During my initial visit, Vera took the time to get to know my entire medical history and listen to all my concerns. Afterwards she formulated a dietary plan and  herbal tinctures specifically prepared for me. She suggested some 'delicious' changes to my diet, healthy substitutes to my 'guilty pleasures' and an amazing detox tea! 

I am so impressed by Vera's work, how she deals with everything in such a professional and at the same time friendly manner. I am so touched by her constant support (follow ups via email, over the phone and in person), helping me to stay motivated and committed, reassuring me that I am on the right track! What's more, Vera helped me to overcome some personal insecurities and doubts, helped me to understand myself better and to accept who I am .

I can't THANK her enough for everything she has done and keep on doing for me, for all the positive impact she has on me!"

Mira, London, 2018


"I had been struggling with what I later found out to be stress induced IBS for a while. Having tried probiotics, conventional supplements and changes in my diet, with little success, I decided to try a more natural approach and went for a naturopathic consultation, followed by a complete herbal treatment course prescribed and dispensed by Vera herself. The results are indisputable with my physical symptoms fading quickly, until they disappeared completely; but more importantly, the holistic approach to my issue allowed me to understand why it was occurring, which in turn helped me tackle the bigger issues so I wouldn't suffer from it again, which I haven't to date. Vera's intuition, empathy and incredible scientific and naturopathic knowledge combined guarantee you are in the best possible hands. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is considering a naturopathic alternative."

Sarah, London, 2017


"I had been suffering with insomnia for 5 months until I fortunately had a consultation with Vera. The situation was pretty bad until then and I had tried a number of things recommended by friends and colleagues without any results whatsoever. 

The session with Vera was relaxed yet professional, we went through the history of the problem and the symptoms, and a few days later she reverted with a herbal remedy recommendation. Upon my agreement she had it made at the lab and I started taking it immediately. I am very pleased to say that the herbs along with some helpful tips she gave me have made the insomnia go away completely!

I would recommend seeking Vera’s help unreservedly."

Stefanos, London, 2016


"I am extremely lucky to have met Vera. I had previously been diagnosed with IBS from numerous doctors and been dismissed without support or sufficient information of the condition. I felt in despair as it had been suggested that the symptoms were created by my mind and given generic suggestions such as to do more exercise and try to relax. I sought out a holistic approach and was introduced to Vera. Vera has a gentle and calm nature, is genuinely caring and listens carefully. Through Vera's knowledge and guidance I have been helped to formulate a routine which supports and heals my condition. She has helped me to realize a gluten intolerance which was otherwise overlooked by the doctors, nutritional and dietary recommendations, supplement advice, herbal remedies to support my mood and relaxation methods I practice frequently. It has been such a pleasure to meet with Vera over the past year and I am so grateful to have received the kindness and support which has been so crucial and beneficial to my healing. "

Ruby, London, 2015


I had several appointments with Vera to assist with anxiety, sleep and fertility. Vera was able to help me identify strategies to assist with each area of concern and provide some good supporting herbal remedies. I found her advice and treatment plan very thorough and easy to follow with amazing results. I would go and see Vera again with any concerns as she is both professional and personable, and the treatment plans work. I recommend her to anyone with these or other concerns.

Rachel, London, 2015