Because I believe each patient is unique, I offer a personalised consultation where an in-depth examination of the patient’s health picture is carried out. This means the patient will be questioned not only about the presenting symptoms but also about past issues and any additional symptoms. Key health aspects such as diet, digestion, sleep, lifestyle, and emotional wellbeing will be discussed. Getting a broad and deep understanding of the patient’s health picture allows me to tailor the treatment creating bespoke prescriptions for my patients. After all, this is all about you.


Initial consultation: an in-depth analysis of the patient’s health present and past history. Initial consultations are 60-90 minutes duration.

Follow-ups consultations: a follow-up consultation is usually scheduled 4-5 weeks after the initial consultation, and are 45-60 minutes duration.

Why do I need follow-up consultations? Naturopathy is a step by step process working towards an end goal, requiring follow-up sessions to progressively achieve optimal results. The number of sessions will depend on the nature of each case. During a follow-up consultation, I have the chance to reassess the patient's symptoms and discuss any changes experienced since our last consultation, readjusting the treatment plan accordingly. If you have undergone any tests or been asked to see your GP concerning a health issue this is also an opportunity to discuss the results.



A personalised plan will be created for you, and may include:

  • Nutrition advice

  • A bespoke herbal prescription in the form of a tincture, powder or capsules

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Lifestyle advice

  • Diagnostic functional tests (via your GP or functional tests through a private laboratory) or a visit to your GP for further clarification of any suspected under diagnosed health condition

Your personalised plan may also be altered over time, to adjust to changes in your situation and progress.

As an herbalist, I often incorporate Herbal Medicine into my treatment plans. The beauty of herbal medicine is that an herbalist can mix different herbs into a unique combination of herbs creating a bespoke formula to address the patient’s specific symptoms. The different active ingredients present within the plant work together to produce a beneficial effect while reducing side effects that can often be observed when single active ingredients are used. Not only herbal medicine has been successfully used for thousands of years but has also been widely researched with recent scientific studies supporting its effects.