Vera Martins, PhD

I am a scientist turned into therapist who along the way fell in love with the healing power of nature.

I love taking time to listen to my patients and empowering them to connect with their bodies through nutrition, herbal medicine, energetic work and lifestyle changes. Helping my patients coming to a place of health and transformation is what makes me so passionate about what I do.



A Naturopathic herbalist

My love affair with herbs started many years ago back in Portugal, my homeland. I grew up surrounded by the scent of freshly cut thyme and mint, by the taste of home grown oregano sprinkled on my mother’s salads and by the comfort of lemongrass and verbena infusions from my grandmother’s courtyard. Herbal remedies, often garlic and lemon, were nature’s treats to heal colds and pains.

At some point in my life, the herbs from my childhood started ‘to talk’ to me again reminding me how much they had to offer and how much fun we had together back then. I listened carefully and went straight into finding a way to learn more about them and how they could help me to help others. And that’s how I went on studying Naturopathy and specialised in Herbal Medicine, which I believe allowed me to finally “marry” my two passions, plants and health, creating the rewarding formula of working with natural medicine.

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a scientist

Being passionate and curious about both nature and science, straight out of High School I decided to study biology and ended up following an academic research career, firstly with a Master Degree in Plant Biology.  Later, wanting to do something more health orientated, I moved to the UK to do a PhD in Skin Cancer Biology and I continued my research for several years afterwards. Currently, I am also working part-time in breast cancer research.

I have a stimulating career in medical science but I have always missed having direct contact with patients. I started wondering how I could make even more of a difference to people’s health and realised that my old passion for natural medicine was the answer.




A Reiki master

As a naturopath, I recognise all spheres of the patient – physical, emotional and energetic – integrating them in my approach to treatment.  

I believe that life force energy (Qi or Prana) is a vital source of health, balance and happiness. Therefore I have undergone training in energy healing and qualified as a Reiki Master in order to complement my work as a therapist.

Reiki is an energy-based therapy that works at the whole body, mind and spirit level, balancing the body's energy field to restore physical and emotional wellbeing. Several clinical research studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Reiki in relieving stress, anxiety, pain, releasing emotional blockages and improving general wellbeing. 

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I currently work at different locations in West London, Central London and East London

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